Aguazul Water

Aguazul Water

Aguazul Water

Tridimage’s key was to focus on communicating the high technology behind the treatment and bottling of Aguazul water.




Aguazul has been, for more than 40 years, the most successful and prestigious purified water brand in Honduras. The company is committed to the future through innovation to provide a world-class product. The excellence of its product was not reflected in its 3D packaging identity.

Why do leaders need to change? Just to remain leaders, and to rejuvenate showing themselves stronger than the competition. Thus, Aguazul needed a complete face lift including its logo, label and PET bottles structural design. Both the client and our team knew we could create a truly distinctive 3D brand identity to consolidate Aguazul leadership.

We worked with pure, simple and iconic forms, closely related to science, but that also conveyed the refreshing feeling and delicacy of water as a natural and healthy drink.

Our structural design of the PET bottle is anchored in the "osmosis" concept, the technological principle behind water purification. To communicate the precision associated with this process, a polygonal transition is used at the slender waist of the bottle. It reflects both sides of the filtering process, reinforced by the shiny facets and refractions.  The 3D shape of the bottle showcases drops functioning as windows to the interior of the bottle.

The transparent label reinforces the core concept, creating a visual sense of lightness by overlapping layers of translucent blue color that refer to the natural movement of water.


Tridimage's redesign of Aguazul’s 3D packaging identity, integrating structural and graphic design, managed to reaffirm its market leadership, positioning the brand at the forefront of the competition.
Aguazul Water