Kitchens of Africa

Kitchens of Africa

Kitchens of Africa

Tridimage's brand and label design for the American based Kitchens of Africa sauces were designed to pay homage to African women as the center of African cuisine.




Kitchens of Africa was created with one simple mission – to introduce the diverse and exotic cuisine of Africa to the rest of the world.

Our design team took on the project of balancing the brand’s visual identity between looks of exoticism and familiarity. Giving sauces like maffe and yassa an accessibility that overpowers the element of mystery, we looked to instill cultural soft references like richly patterned textiles and headdresses incorporated into the silhouette of African women profiles.

The result is a collection of labels that retain a fiery flavor that entices the senses. Kitchens of Africa packaging looks at home on the shelves of Western stores, but still stand out with a savory appeal.

The brand logo, synthesis of a traditional African mask, communicates the premium personalty of the products through a gold foil.



Tridimage's challenge was to reflect the soul of Africa through a clean and contemporary aesthetic and at the same time, exciting and colorful.
Kitchens of Africa




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